We are a renowned Engineering Company in Nigeria that specializes in the design, marketing / supply and installation of Earthing, Surge and Lightning Protection System, in addition we also maintain existing installations(maintenance)

At Komust Lightning Protection system Ltd, we design and install incompliance with both British and French Standard for residential buildings, Office Complexes, Factories, Radio/TV stations, Oil and Gas etc. 

Our services include

  • Design, Supply and Installation of lightning protection System
  • Transient Voltage (Surge)
  • Earthing Systems
  • Supplies of earthing and lightning materials.
  • Maintenance

The company was incorporate in Nigeria several years back to embark among other objectives, as mentioned above in the construction industries.

The main goal of this company is to give and offer state of the art services to companies and other institutions both in private and public sector including government agencies and parastatals. The company engaged dynamic, resourceful; and experience professional in translating Architecture, Engineering and Arts into affordable reality.

Our services are structured to meet the needs of discovering consistent responds to the yearnings of our diverse clients without any doubts. We indeed turn dreams into reality promptly.