Supplies of Earthing And Lightning Materials

In other to protect various facilities against lightning related issues; we supply earthing and lightning materials. These products include FURSE, A.N WALLIS, INDELEC, SCHIRTEC, OPR etc. These materials are genuine and void of counterfeits.

Transient Voltage (Surge)

Transient over voltage are short duration, high magnitude voltage peaks with fast raising edge, these are known to damage sensitive electronic equipment in homes, commercial, industrial, medical facilities, and factories, etc

Direct and indirect lightning strikes on a building can generate a surge in electrical power or transient voltage leading to the disruption of operational and sometimes even critical services, and resulting in expensive down time and repair costs. A surge protector works by channeling the extra voltage into the outlet’s grounding wire, preventing it from flowing through the electronic devices while at the same time allowing the normal voltage to continue along its path.

Design And Consultation Services

Our team of seasoned engineer designs to specification and offer consultation services to assist you with specific needs. When questions arise about lightning protection, remember that Komust Lightning Protection system ltd is the leading resource for quality products, installation and accurate information.

Komust Lightning Protection system Ltd has developed a systematic approach in ensuring that your facility and sensitive electronic equipment are protected with the most advanced protection systems available. All our products and installation meet International standards

Earthing Systems

For an effective system performance and safety reasons a good earthing system is inevitable,

These play a vital role in a coordinated lightning and surge protection system. It is responsible for safely dissipating the lightning currents to ground.


A periodic maintenance is required on a facility to always obtain its optimal level. But due to Modifications to a structure, damage to the system due to wind, reroofing, etc. a periodic maintenance and check is always required Even a properly installed Earthing and lightning protection system requires maintenance